Will Killer Shark Movie ‘Meg’ Be the Next ‘Jaws’?

Production is underway on the upcoming killer shark flick Meg, and some horror fans are already wondering if the film could be the next Jaws.

Don’t let the Syfy network fool you. Killer sharks can be terrifying in movies if presented properly. Such could be the case for the upcoming flick Meg, based on Steve Alten’s book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror.

One of the first questions you might have is, “Why is the movie called Meg?” I can answer that one for you. It’s short for “Carcharodon Megalodon”, the name of a 70 foot white shark. You read that correctly. The shark is 70 feet long. The shark from Jaws is going to look like a child’s toy in comparison.

Action star Jason Statham has signed on for the lead role as Jonas Taylor, an expert diver. He is given a mission to rescue a group of underwater Chinese scientists under attack from Meg. Other stars include Jessica McNamee, Rainn Wilson, and Ruby Rose. Jon Turteltaub (Cool RunningsRush Hour) is directing the picture.

Sharks are primarily seen as a silly antagonist for horror movies. Sharknado made damn sure of that. But if treated seriously, they can still be a terrifying menace. Last year’s The Shallows wasn’t quite the classic Jaws is, though it’s a great watch with some intense moments. And that’s just a normal size shark. Imagine some serious tension with a white shark that’s gargantuan in size.

Again, I’m going to remind you not to think about those corny movies from Syfy and The Asylum. I feel like those people intentionally design their films to be as cheese-stuffed as possible. With the high budget and extended production time for Meg, it’s looking like they’re going to be taking if far more seriously.

Please just give me something to counteract this kind of stuff.

With this in mind, I’m already growing excited to see this one on the big screen. I guess I have somewhat of a shark phobia. Jaws scared me senseless years ago. I’d love to have a shark movie do that again to me. A well made film with a 70 foot shark just might do the trick.

Although principal photography has begun, it’s still going to be a while for the movie to come out. It’s currently scheduled for a release date in March of 2018. That means we still have well more than a year to wait for this one. Bummer.