‘Z-Nation’ Has a Nuclear Melt-Down with ‘Going Nuclear’

We’re rewatching Syfy’s Z-Nation on Netflix, and Theresa Jacobs is giving her impression on episode 110, ‘Going Nuclear’.

Z-Nation has a nuclear melt-down… almost.

The gang from Operation: Bite Mark unwittingly stumble upon a nuclear plant that is about to blow. It becomes their job to stop it.

The first obstacle is the radioactive Zombies. These new nasties they must kill without getting any blood splattered on them. Next, they have to run a Zombie gauntlet to get through the plant.
Z-Nation on SYFY
An easy feat for this troupe of Zombie Killers.

With the help of a survivor on site, Homer Stubbins (Gary Taylor), they also get to play with a Zombie cutting laser. These characters have a blast slicing through some dead flesh until the Zombies grab hold of the little robot and enjoy a wrestling match with it.

10K (Nat Zang) spends time with Homer and starts to look up to him as a father figure. It ultimately comes down to the only option is that Homer must sacrifice his life to save the others, (this is not a spoiler, it’s obvious) and 10K takes his death hard.

Therefore it’s fitting that Homer is quoted as saying, “Sentiment is a fatal flaw in this ugly world.”

As they are busy saving the day once again, Murphy (Keith Allen) discovers another new and mind-boggling effect of his “Zombie Virus” injection. Now the zombies are looking to him for guidance, as they mimic his moves and even begin to follow him like puppies.  This is a new twist that has given the show more room to grow.

Hop on the Zombie train and get caught up on Netflix, add your comments and enjoy some Zs.