‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Loses Its Showrunner

Fear the Walking Dead is undergoing some creative shakeups behind the scenes, as its showrunner since the first episode is leaving the series.

If you’re one of those fans of The Walking Dead who just couldn’t get into the spinoff, consider giving it another try. TV Guide is reporting that its showrunner, Dave Erickson, is leaving the show at the end of Season 3. Erickson has been steering the ship for Fear the Walking Dead since its very first episode, meaning he’s the guy to blame if you found the show too boring.

Fear the Walking Dead regularly receives tons of criticism for its slow pacing. While I think it does pick up quite a bit halfway into Season 2, I can’t refute a lot of those complaints. So I’m thinking this is actually a good thing, as a fresh take on the show could change it for the better.

For his part, AMC doesn’t actually seem to be firing Erickson. In fact, he’s leaving the show to work on another project for the network. That certainly suggests that his leaving the show isn’t on any kind of bad terms, and seems to be Erickson’s own decision. While Fear doesn’t come close to matching The Walking Dead‘s numbers, it still garners very high ratings in comparison to other shows. So there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood here.

This all reminds me of similar troubles with The Walking Dead. It has gone through a couple of showrunner shakeups of its own before settling on Scott M. Gimple. The Walking Dead has always felt different under each of its different showrunners. So I’m betting Fear will feel a little different after this season as well.