‘Z Nation’ Flashback: Travel Down Zombie Road

We continue to watch back through Z Nation on Netflix, and today we’re looking back at episodes 202 and 203.

Z Nation on SYFY is a different Zombie show. It’s quirky, fun and not afraid to be politically incorrect.

I’ve summed up episodes two and three of Season 2. If you are like me and got into the show for the crazy schemes and scenarios that the writers came up with, then you’ll know these two shows were slightly different from earlier – or later – ones. Although if you are into gun play, there was tons of human on human shooting at each other going on in:

“White Light” (episode 202)

The bounty hunter, Vasquez (Matt Cedeño) who chased the team from the strip club in episode 1 was still hot on their tail. There came a moment when a low-life redneck attacks Lt. Roberta Warren (Kellita Smith) and Vasquez, being a man of honor, stepped up and rescued her. This put them on the same team and now he is helping the “Operation Bite Mark” team find ‘The Murphy’ (Keith Allan).

Credit: SYFY

Every live person that heard Citizen Z’s (DJ Qualls) broadcast was after Murphy, so he found himself running in every direction trying to stay free. One of the team members that we have grown to love dies this time around; tune in to find out who.

We are introduced for a brief moment to another guy who you just know is going to have a strong role coming up.

Escorpion  (Emilio Rivera). I know him best from Sons Of Anarchy as the character Marcus Alvarez, but he also has a  varied movie career. His appearance is only a cameo; stay tuned. 

“Zombie Road” (episode 203)

Credit: Syfy

The “newly formed” team, recapture ‘The Murphy’ (Keith Allan) and find a group of survivors heading off towards Edmonton Canada. They decide to ride along for a time and come upon a new breed of zombies called Blasters. They’re fast, mean and crazy. These are people who zombified from the nuclear blast. They also can’t be controlled by Murphy’s powers.

One of the survivors introduces Doc (Russell Hodgkinson), ‘The Murphy, and Cassandra (Pisay Pao) to Z-Weed. Which calms the zombies and as they smoke up, the others decide to take a detour to where this magical herb is being grown.

Although not my favorites of the series, I have high (no pun intended) hopes that the Z Nation writers will revolve back to the fun and games. Tune in next week and find out. Til then go catch some Zs.