Watch Andrea Ricca’s New Short Film ‘The Amulet of Fear’

Talented horror filmmaker and animator Andrea Ricca is back at it with an all new short horror film, which you can watch right here!

If you aren’t familiar with Andrea Ricca, you should head to his official website to educate yourself. Ricca has been working on film and animation since 1998, specializing in horror and sci-fi. Altogether, his shorts have pulled in over 15 million views on YouTube, and counting.

What’s great about Ricca is he’s truly a jack-of-all-trades filmmaker. Every short film he makes is done with a ZERO dollar budget, all completely by Ricca himself. He does literally everything for the films, from the writing, editing, and directing to all of the CGI VFX work. Armed with only a “FullHD Cam and a computer”, this guy is truly a one man show.

That’s what makes Ricca’s shorts all the more impressive. All of the work he does is very impressive and I have no explanation for why he’s not working in Hollywood. In any case, you can watch in full his newest short below, The Amulet of Fear.

In The Amulet of Fear, a young woman obtains a mysterious ancient amulet. It apparently has the power to conjure up the fears of whoever owns it into a physical manifestation. When she reads a Stephen King book called “The Creature”, she ends up facing the story’s monster face to face.

To see more of Andrea Ricca’s shorts, visit his YouTube channel or his official website.