Resident Evil already being rebooted by James Wan

Sony is already rebooting the Resident Evil movie series, bringing in horror staple James Wan to produce the new feature film.

Sure, it seems like the long-running Resident Evil movie series from Paul W. S. Anderson just came to a close. You could certainly say it feels like it’s just way too soon for a reboot.

But Anderson’s movie series have been a massive financial success for Sony. To not make more Resident Evil movies would be just leaving money on the table. What’s a film studio to do?

With that said, Sony is moving forward on rebooting the franchise, per a report by Deadline. James Wan, known best to horror fans for Saw and The Conjuring, will be producing with a screenplay by Greg Russo. Because they’re restarting with an all new story, an entirely new cast will be selected as well.

The final film in the Anderson series, The Final Chapter, did pretty well in the States. But it was over in China where it had its biggest success. Pulling in nearly a hundred million dollars on opening weekend, the movie is more popular over there than Star Wars. The massive profit from the Chinese market alone is likely why Sony’s rushing to get another film in the works.

At this point, there are no details about the story. It’s unknown if it’ll be a mostly original story, as was the case with Anderson’s films — or if it’ll be closer in line to the actual video games’ storylines. We’ll have to wait and see.

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