Andrew Lincoln crashes his TV son’s graduation party

The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln surprised co-star Chandler Riggs at his high school graduation party, as shown in an Instagram photo.

Our little Carl is all grown up. Doesn’t it just bring a tear to your eye?

Time on The Walking Dead is moving more slowly than in real life. Carl is still in his earlier teens on the TV series. In real life, however, his actor, Chandler Riggs is now officially an adult. He’s turning 18 in less than a month and he has now graduated from high school.

As families are wont to do when a child graduates, a party at the home was held. Guess who would show up to support Riggs for his graduation? None other than his TV dad Rick Grimes, also known as British actor Andrew Lincoln. Those two have been through a lot on this series, almost making Lincoln another father figure for Riggs. It’s awesome to see Rick supporting his boy behind the scenes as well.

You can take a look of Lincoln and Riggs together at the party, courtesy of Riggs’ mother on Instagram:

Look who surprised us at the party!

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It looks like Chandler’s TV mother, Lori, couldn’t make it. But didn’t that walker in the prison eat her entire body whole? I guess that gives her a good excuse for not showing up then.

Now that Riggs is all grown up, he’s going to be looking into colleges to attend. Hopefully he doesn’t move too far away from set — I’d hate to see Carl have to leave the series!