‘Halloween’: See the video game history of Michael Myers (video)

‘Halloween’ is a fixture in pop culture. Since debuting in 1978, Michael Myers has become one of screen’s biggest villains. Did you know he stalks video games too?

Haddonfield High Schoolers, Halloween is going virtual.

Since his debut, the killer’s been on a role. Not only does he show up in the original Halloween, Michael Myers stalks in the franchise’s seven sequels and two remakes. Charging beside the likes of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, Myers is always causing mayhem. But did you know that mayhem has been bleeding over into video games since 1983? If not, get ready for the time of your life.

Check out the bloody video game history of Halloween villain below, courtesy of Horror Freak News and Krypt Values:

Horror Heads, I’ve never seen something so gory and gorgeous.

While Michael Myers can be seen in Behaviour Interactive‘s Dead by Daylight today, he’s been with us in video game form since the Atari. With his pixelated prowling, the guy’s been virtual killing for years — and hopefully for years to come.

In 1978, John Carpenter began creating something that would change horror, and cinema, forever. Having little money and creative control, the filmmaker crafted a simple tale of predator and prey. With Laurie Strode as his survivor, and Dr. Loomis her savior, Carpenter’s tale is a timeless example of simple execution over complexity. Hell, the score even points to that.

So, what did you think about Michael Myers’ journey through gaming?

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