Twin Peaks – The Return: Watch and Listen Laura is the one

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Bradley and Rodney are sitting on the couch in their house. Neither one of them are very happy. Bradley is drinking and Rodney is pissed off that they are out $30,447,000 because of Dougie. They resolve to call Randolph to set up a meeting.

A Dream from Beyond the Grave

Gordon is sketching a spotted deer with a hand reaching to pet it when he hears a knock at the door. He gets up and answers it. Laura Palmer is screaming at him like she is desperately trying to tell him something of great importance.

Taken aback, Gordon doesn’t know how to react after seeing this vision. After the specter of Laura disappears, Albert is left looking confused. Gordon invites him in.

Albert informs Gordon that Diane received a mysterious text after Mr. C escaped stating, “Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively.” Tammy traced the call to a server in Mexico. Diane sent a return message, “They have Hastings. He is going to take them to the site.”

So, is Diane warning Mr. C that the authorities know about the military website where Hastings got the coordinates to meet Major Briggs? Is Mr. C worried that Briggs might tip off how to get to the Black Lodge or the fact that BOB is a body jumper?

Cole tells Albert that they will have to watch Diane very closely. At that moment, Tammy shows up. We hear the electrical crackling hum in the air. She shows the two men a photo of the penthouse in New York. Mr. C is talking to someone near the glass box. Could he be aware of the box being able to capture entities from other dimensions?

A Gathering Storm

Ben Horne is in his office on the phone talking to Sylvia. She is screaming at him about being robbed. Ben asks how Johnny is doing.

This question enrages Sylvia and she accuses him of not caring about her which is “typical.” She then informs him that he will pay her back the thousands of dollars that Richard stole from her. Ben tells her that he won’t give her any more money. She then tells him that she will consult with her lawyer.

Now, we know Ben is divorced from his wife or at least they are living separate lives. Exasperated, he places his head in his hands and asks Beverly if she wants to go to dinner with him.

Prophetic Musings from a Log

Hawk is sitting in his office listening to the Log Lady. She tells him that, “the circle is almost complete. Watch and listen to the dreams of time and space. It all comes out now flowing like a river. That which is and that which is not. Hawk, Laura is the one!”

It sounds as if she is telling him that the spirit of Laura will be able to point out who is BOB and who is not. Perhaps she will lead them to Dougie/Coop. Maybe she will be able to tell them what happened 25 years ago.