Halloween 6 writer reveals sequel’s insane original ending

In an interview with Rue Morgue, Halloween 6 screenwriter Daniel Farrands speaks on his original ending, which is even deeper than what was used.

While this concept for an ending sure sounds pretty nuts… it would definitely explain a lot!

Though the Halloween series moved on from the Thorn cult storyline many years ago, it’s still something that’s appreciated by many franchise fans. My own colleague Aaron Posey had Thorn symbol inked on his arm just last month. If you’re one of these Halloween 6 fans, then you may be interested in reading about the film’s original ending, which goes even deeper into the Thorn cult story.

Speaking with Rue Morgue, Daniel Farrands — writer of Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers — got into the details about his vision for the film. He dishes out tons of details on everything he wanted to do and how he feels about the Producer’s Cut of the film. Farrands also speaks on the sequels which came after his, noting he’s not really a fan.

According to Farrands, he had enough material to keep the series going for another movie or two before H20 would reset the franchise. From the interview, here’s Farrands explaining where he was originally taking the story:

“The original reveal was that there was a secret society or coven operating in Haddonfield that controlled Michael Myers. Almost every citizen in Haddonfield secretly knew about it and there was a much bigger conspiracy unfolding. The people of Haddonfield were so terrified by the myth of Myers that they ended up revering him as a deity of all sacrifices on Halloween night. The original concept had more of a ROSEMARY’S BABY or SHIRLEY JACKSON’S THE LOTTERY vibe.”

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And you thought this was crazy.

Ultimately, while Farrands says producer Moustapha Akkad loved the script, he felt it was just too much storyline for one film. They left the door open to explore that concept some more in Halloween 7, but once Jamie Lee Curtis came back into the fold, the days of the Thorn cult were officially over.

The rest of the interview is just as interesting as this tidbit if you’re a fan of the series. I recommend you check out the whole thing by heading over to Rue Morgue.

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