Director Josh Becker, member of Sam Raimi’s crew, shoots film in Michigan

Director Josh Becker is one of the charter members of the “Michigan Mafia” that includes Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Rob Tapert and Scott Spiegel. He returns to his home state of Michigan to shoot his independent feature Morning, Noon and Night.

“What happens to (the film) happens to it. The point for me is in making it.” – Josh Becker

One of the Gang

In the 70s, a bunch of kids from suburban Detroit banded together to make a film. The result was the horror classic, Evil Dead which spawned two movies and a television show. One of the charter members of the “Michigan Mafia” is Josh Becker.

Josh is part of the Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Rob Tapert and Scott Spiegel crew that were instrumental in turning that sleepy little chiller about a cabin full of demons into a cult phenomenon. You may not recognize his name but you are familiar with his work.

His filmography features such recognizable names as Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi and Deborah Foreman. Alien Apocalypse one of the highest rated SyFy channel movies of all time starring Campbell was written and directed by him.

The heist drama, Running Time, another Campbell centric film is one of his best efforts. It also happens to be one of my personal favorites. No stranger to television, he has directed episodes of Xena and Jack of All Trades. Now, as reported in the Oakland Press, he returns to where it all began, Michigan to shoot his latest flick, Morning, Noon and Night.

You Can Go Home Again

After two decades of directing in Tinseltown, Becker explained his return to the Wolverine state. “I came back to Michigan because I love it here. I spent 20 lost-years in Hollywood that I’ll never get back.”

Morning, Noon and Night is a dramedy that focuses on “residents of an urban community trying to live their daily lives while dealing with addiction, to all kinds of substances and vices, such as alcohol, cocaine, pills, heroin and gambling addiction.”

Much like his grass roots beginnings making shorts with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, Becker is employing a local crew and talent. According to Josh, “Once post-production wraps up, I’ll be taking the movie to be shown at independent film festivals.”

Hopefully, it will be coming soon to VOD and theaters.

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