The X-Files: Chris Carter and the Cigarette Smoking Man share a secret

Believe it or not, the X-Files showrunner, Chris Carter reveals that he has something in common with the Cigarette Smoking Man. Join me as we go to the basement of the FBI to solve this case.

“The truth is out there.”

It’s All in the Family

After 25 years, the X-Files roared back on to television screens this past Wednesday with the season 11 premiere. There were quite a few revelations during that episode. One of them was the Cigarette Smoking Man’s real name.

Throughout the history of the series, CSM has been known as C.G.B. Spender, Old Smokey and Cancer Man. Actor William B. Davis’ character has had aliases galore. However, this time, he gets to call his character by his birthname. Drum roll, please!

The man with the devious plan that has been tormenting Assistant Director Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) for over two decades is known as Carl Gerhard Busch! As if that weren’t enough, showrunner Chris Carter has a revelation of his own to deliver courtesy of Yahoo Sports.

Busch happens to have a familial connection to Carter. That is because Carl Gerhard Busch is the name of the X-Files creator’s grandfather! According to him, “I’ve been holding onto that secret for a very long time! We’ve said that his name was C.G.B. Spender, and I always knew those initials stood for Carl Gerhard Busch.”

Of Kingmakers and Kings

Check out CSM’s voiceover:

This monologue is very interesting because it portrays Busch as a “kingmaker.” Apparently, he helped many prominent politicians and figures in society ascend to their thrones. Meanwhile, he was helping to reverse engineer alien technology.

Chris Carter’s explanation, “In my mind, he sounded like everything I imagined as a kid in high school when we started learning about Watergate. He’s an operative who is both self-interested and very puppeteering in the darkest recesses of the government.”

While Busch’s recounting of his history is compelling, it is also terrifying. Which makes his “final plans” even more menacing. The Cigarette Smoking Man hands down is one of the best villains ever on television.

The X-Files airs Wednesdays on Fox at 8 p.m. Remember, trust no one!

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