R.L Stine mysteriously erases tweet about Goosebumps sequel title

After tweeting the name of the upcoming Goosebumps sequel, creator R.L Stine quickly deleted the post causing come confusion. Tweeter beware.

The new sequel is coming, but this is giving up goosebumps…

The other day we reported the Goosebumps sequel is officially carrying a title. The follow-up to the 2015 adaptation (sorta), the film is now being called Slappy Halloween. But while that sounds great, it may not be the case as R.L Stein, who broke the news on Twitter, erased the tweet hours later.

Here’s what the writer, one of the best selling authors in history, originally said in the since deleted tweet:

Happy to announce that filming has begun on the Goosebumps movie sequel. Title: Slappy Halloween. Meanwhile, the new Goosebumps SlappyWorld book has just been published.

Honestly, this is probably nothing to worry about. While the films are based on the amazing work of Stine, he’s only a writer. I imagine he found out about the title and went to Twitter in excitement. Only, it’s not something the studio wants out right now. They optioned the film, it’s theirs to do what they wish.

And that’s not to say Slappy Halloween isn’t the actual title. Many factors could be an issue, such a better marketing strategy or contract stipulations from writers. Or, it’s possibly a working title and Sony hasn’t decided on what’s best for the film. Which is something that often happens.

Either way, we’re getting another Goosebumps movie, which is music to these ears. A title is a title, and really means nothing to the quality of the film. As for Mr. Goosebumps himself, don’t be so quick on the drawl next time. But if you do, we still love ya.

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