Halloween 2018 teaser poster gives fans first look at Michael’s mask

Blumhouse has released the first teaser poster for this year’s Halloween movie, and it gives fans their first good look at Michael’s mask in the film.

If you weren’t already ready for October before, you certainly will be now!

Online, Blumhouse has officially released the first teaser poster for the new Halloween movie due out this fall. Directed by David Gordon Green, the new film about Laurie Strode’s final battle with Michael Myers has every fan of the franchise excited. The new poster, which gives us our first good peek at how Michael’s mask will appear in the film, has people ready for the fall even more than before.

Take a look at the new awesome poster below for yourself. It’s simplistic in design, but Michael’s mask just looks so badass. If you’re a fan like me, tell me you don’t get the feels taking a look at this poster!

via Blumhouse

Judging by the aged look of the mask, I’m assuming that this may very well be the same mask  that Michael wore on that fateful Halloween night 40 years ago. Great call from the filmmakers here. I like its withered look, and it makes Michael look creepy in a way that a masked maniac coming back to kill again after a 40 year hiatus should.

Michael Myers will officially make his return to theaters everywhere this fall, and I will be there on opening night. Are you ready to return to Haddonfield? Be sure to check out Halloween when it premieres on Oct. 19, 2018!