Party Bus to Hell theme song now available for free download

David Rosen, the composer of the Tara Reid horror film Party Bus to Hell, has made the theme song from the movie available as a free download!

Are you ready to hop on the Party Bus to Hell?

Here at 1428 Elm, we made it clear in our review that we really enjoyed Rolfe Kanefsky’s indie flick Party Bus to Hell. The ride is just as wild as it sounds, and watching the film is a fun time for horror fans. Perhaps one of the film’s best qualities, however, is its original music composed by musician David Rosen.

Online, Rosen has made the Party Bus to Hell theme song available as a FREE download. It’s a catchy tune that managed to stay in my head after the movie was over, so I’ve gone ahead and downloaded the track already. To do so yourself, head on over to Rosen’s SoundCloud page!

Rosen’s song “Burnout” is also featured in the film during the key digging scene —  from his album Head Like Fire, it can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and all other major digital music stores. The song “Scarecrow” (played during the “blood orgy”) can also be found on Rosen’s free Like Ashes album, located on his Bandcamp page.

If you like what you hear, you should know Rosen has a new album coming out this month as well. Titled A Different Kind Of Dream, the songs featured are described by Rosen as “mainly instrumental mixing genres ranging from industrial and alternative to ambient and film score style music.” The album will officially release on May 18th.