Forget fireworks! Let’s all stay in and watch Independence Day

Why fight the heat, fireworks and inevitable mosquito bites when you can stay inside and watch the best 4th of July movie, “Independence Day”?

Happy Fourth of July to all who celebrate! That means sweltering heat, grilling, fireworks and not being able to sleep before 3 AM due to the rednecks down the street lighting M80s and not going the F*&$ to bed! But I digress because we mustn’t forget what today is about…the day that Will Smith saved us from the aliens. That’s right, I’m talking about the ultimate 4th of July movie, Independence Day.

Image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

Why do we love Independence Day so much? Jeff Goldblum, the end.

What’s that? I need 200 more words before I’m done? Okay *ahem* we love this movie for so many reasons. Not only is Independence Day one of the most fun alien movies this side of Mars Attacks!, but it’s just a damn good movie, period. Aliens, action, Jeff Goldblum, an exploding White House, UFOs, Jeff Goldblum, Randy “I picked a hell of a day to quit drinkin” Quaid, humanity pulling through and most importantly Jeff Goldblum! Throw in some dinosaurs and people would lose their collective minds.

I save this movie to watch just today. While it doesn’t have the re-watchability of some movies, annually does it right. I come back to it every year, childlike wonder renewed and I am able to actually sit and watch it and maintain my interest. It helps that I love aliens. They are truly the best.

ALIENS – Courtesy of History Channel

And can we talk about the effects? The UFO and alien effects were seamless and practical and the ones that were CGI were simple enough to not look fake. The aliens were terrifying and that scene when it uses the doctor as a puppet to talk was nightmare inducing. And when the White House blew up, it was shocking.

While some people watch Day of the Dead and others go to the classic Jaws, I will always come back to my ’90s-rocking movie that’s literally out of this world. Happy Independence Day everybody!