Georgie: IT fan film will bring back mini-series actor Tony Dakota

An indiegogo campaign has just launched for the fan film Georgie based on the 1990 mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, with Tony Dakota returning.

Oh, how different things could have been…

Yesterday, an all new Indiegogo campaign went live for the planned short film Georgie. Inspired by the IT mini-series from Tommy Lee Wallace, the film will focus on Georgie Denbrough, who was played by Tony Dakota. With Dakota himself reprising the role in his first acting gig in 25 years, the film asks the question, “What would have happened to Georgie if he didn’t get killed by Pennywise?”

This project is spearheaded by John Campopiano, the co-writer, producer, and director of the documentary Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary, and Ryan Grulich, producer of Foolish Mortals. Campopiano is also the writer and co-producer for the upcoming doc Pennywise: The Story of IT, and Grulich has directed a plethora of short films. Together, the two started the project out of their love for IT and the fun idea of bringing Dakota back.

The crowdfunding campaign for the project is offering some rad perks for those looking to get involved in Georgie‘s production. They’ve partnered with Fright-Rags and Theater of Creeps to offer merchandise ranging from enamel pins to t-shirts. Several items personally signed by Dakota are available as well.

To check out the perks or find out more information about Georgie, head on over to Indiegogo!

Do you plan on checking this movie out? What other kind of “What if?” scenarios would you want to see explored? Tell us in the comments below!