Halloween almost had a different Laurie Strode and Dr. Loomis

Halloween would have been an entirely different film if John Carpenter would have landed his first choices for the critical roles of Laurie Strode and Dr. Sam Loomis.

Halloween is a venerable classic of the horror genre. There is no denying its staying power four decades later. You just have to look at the recent box office reports to see that Jamie Lee Curtis and her arch film nemesis Michael Myers are still going strong.

However, IMDb has just released a video revealing who could have been cast in lieu of Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence. In all honesty, the Loomis role and the two English actors that passed on it are not surprising. Either could have played the role convincingly but the part was meant for Pleasence.

Laurie Strode on the other hand could have launched this actress into the stratosphere but it wasn’t meant to be. For those of you that have seen or remember the original Battlestar Galactica with Richard Hatch, Lorne Greene and Dirk Benedict then you might recall Lieutenant Sheba played by Anne Lockhart.

Lockhart was actually Carpenter’s first choice to play the ultimate final girl, Laurie Strode. Anne is the daughter of June Lockhart who is best known for her portrayal of Maureen Robinson in Lost in Space. Once the actress passed on the part, Debra Hill went back to the casting drawing board again.

She ran across Jamie Lee Curtis’ headshot. The Horror Master didn’t think she fit the character of Laurie. However, being a disciple of Alfred Hitchcock and knowing that Jamie was Janet Leigh’s daughter, he gave her a chance and the rest is history.

Dr. Sam Loomis was offered to Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee both actors turned down the role. While either of them would have been excellent Donald Pleasence had that empathetic streak that the other two weren’t quite known for. Just watch his turn in The Great Escape as the blind forger, Blythe.

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The last casting news was a bit of a shocker. P.J. Soles who played Lynda, one of Laurie’s best friends was dating a guy at the time who was none other than Dennis Quaid. Quaid was offered the part of her  on-screen boyfriend, Bob. However, he had a scheduling conflict so that never came to fruition.

Do you think anyone could have played Laurie Strode and Dr. Loomis better than Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below. We want to hear from you.

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