Swamp Thing: Principle photography is underway in North Carolina

Swamp Thing, the most anticipated production for DC’s streaming service is shooting in North Carolina with Len Wiseman at the helm.

Swamp Thing is currently shooting principle photography for the DC Universe’s version of the legendary comic. The James Wan and Mark Verheiden vehicle is highly anticipated by horror fans for its hard R approach to the production.

Wan and Verheiden have both commented that they want the series to be darker than previous incarnations. And if anyone knows the genre, it would be these two gentlemen. Everyone is familiar with the success of The Conjuring universe films that Wan either directed or produced as well as the Saw series. Ash vs Evil Dead and My Name Is Bruce fans as well as Dark Horse Comics aficionados know Mark Verheiden’s work.

Yesterday, CBR informed fans of the news by sharing Crystal Reed’s post who plays Abigail Arcane on the series. The actress stated, “Let the games begin.”

Check out her picture of director Len Wiseman.


The cast on the series is phenomenal. Andy Bean is Alec Holland and Derek Mears will be the Swamp Thing. Kevin Durand has been reported by The Hashtag Show to be up for the role of Jason Woodrue who attempts to find out how Alec becomes the creature.

Will Patton portrays Avery Sunderland with Maria Sten as Liz Tremayne. Henderson Wade is Matt Cable while Virginia Madsen and Jennifer Beals round out the cast.

Shooting is expected to continue through May 2019. IMDb has Swamp Thing clocking in at 13 episodes. The series is being penned by Gary Dauberman who is a frequent collaborator of James Wan having been the scribe behind IT and The Nun. Mark Verheiden will be writing a few episodes as well.

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With all of this talent in front of and behind the camera, it is a safe bet to assume that this show is destined to live up to the hype.

Are you ready for Swamp Thing? Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming series in the comments section below. We want to hear from you.

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