Greatest horror movie set in every state

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Halloween, horror

Photo: Halloween (1978). Image Courtesy Shudder

The beauty of horror is just how intimate it can feel and this list will showcase the intimacy of horror films, as we set to introduce to you the best horror films set in each and every state in America.

Horror, as a genre, can be the most effective if it feels just personal enough to the viewer to make them uncomfortable. Horror thrives on taking the familiar of our everyday lives and twisting it into something horrific, often characterized by its ‘uncanny valley’ vibe. There’s just something unnerving about an otherwise familiar aspect of your life seeming a bit off and unusual and horror plays on this fear, sometimes to the extreme.

The horror of life can rear its head even more terrifyingly if the particular situation is set near us. Horror films have the advantage of exploiting the horrors of just about any setting, leaving no setting safe as a result. The United States is no exception to this, with 50 geographical states for horror to invade, often with horrific results.

Each state in America has the potential for an iconic horror film to etch its name in the state’s legacy, with some states receiving extra attention just from these films. While some state-centric films are more popular than others, all of the 50 states can lay claim to having a horror/thriller film unique to their location, but which are the absolute best?

That’s something 1428 Elm is going to try and answer with this list of the best horror films set in each American state. The rule here is that the list showcases only ONE movie set in each state, topping off at 50. Sure, only one film per state may not seem like much, but there will still be plenty of choices to browse through, so hopefully there’s a movie on here that peaks your interest! We will be starting off in alphabetical order, so let’s not waste any time!

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