It’s Garbage Day: Ranking the entire Silent Night, Deadly Night franchise

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Silent Night, Deadly Night – Courtesy of TriStar Pictures,Slayride

Silent Night, Deadly Night

One fateful Christmas Eve on the way home from visiting his crazy supposedly catatonic grandfather who informs him of the terror of Santa Claus, 8-year-old Billy Caldwell witnesses a criminal dressed as Santa Claus murder his father then rape and kill his mother. He lives the next 10 years in an orphanage under the watchful eye of the cruel Mother Superior.

Now, he has turned 18 and Billy has to leave the orphanage. He takes a job as a stock boy at a local toy store. All is bright… until poor Billy is forced to dress as Santa. He snaps and goes on a murderous rampage.

Possibly one of the most controversial horror films to ever be released into theaters, albeit a limited release. Silent Night, Deadly Night instantly gained notoriety from parents and the government. With its brutal depiction of rape, child abuse, and a murderous “Santa Claus.”

Even though the film is rated R and it is never meant to be the “real” Santa parents weren’t happy. This controversy made it extremely hard to come across a copy of the film, which made it even more popular. It has many imitators, but nothing will ever touch this controversial Christmas classic.

There you have it residents of Elm Street. Do you agree with the order of the list? If you wish, you can see Silent Night, Deadly Night 3-5 plus the reboot on Starz Encore On Demand. Sadly, the first two films aren’t available.

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