Men in Black International saving the world in a Fast and Furious style

Men in Black International trailer has arrived. A slick production on how to save the world from aliens done in a Fast and Furious style.

Men in Black International is not your parents MIB. Gone are the comedic days of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones saving the universe. Replacing those stalwarts are Thor, I mean Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson.

While the trailer is slick and has all the bells and whistles, cars, guns, expertly shot, a Black-Eyed Peas soundtrack it feels more like a music video or a car commercial than an actual feature. I get it. That is the purpose of the trailer to sell the movie but this one leaves me disappointed.

Liam Neeson is apparently Chris Hemsworth’s older, seasoned partner with retirement plans. Enter Tessa Thompson as the replacement a la Will Smith in the first MIB.

While MIB International is listed as an action/comedy/sci-fi flick in IMDb, when Liam is on screen the vibe is definitely like Taken in a future world. For several years, it seems like Neeson is wanting to take his career in a comedic direction.

While I loved his appearance in Ted 2, he always comes off as if he is trying too hard. MIB International is no exception. Sure, Rip Torn could be gruff too but he had a dry sense of humor. Sad to say, Neeson’s attempts don’t always translate.

This incarnation is less campy and doesn’t give me that fun B movie experience that MIB, MIB 2 and MIB 3 did. Hemsworth and Thompson look the part but it would seem that they are doing an entirely different movie from what is advertised.

Remembering that this is just a trailer, I am trying not to be ultra-critical of a film that isn’t even out yet. But I keep going back to that selling point and I can’t seem to find it. This promo isn’t humorous. We see quite a bit of cool gadgets but no real alien interaction.

Half of the point of MIB is the extraterrestrials. According to IMDb, the plot of this particular installment in the franchise is to “apprehend a mole in the organization.” We don’t even get any sense of that except that there is a “problem in London” from Emma Thompson.

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Here’s to hoping that the 2nd trailer focuses on the comedy elements and blends in with the action sequences. Men in Black International lands in theaters on Jun. 14, 2019.

Are you a fan of the MIB series? What do you think about the trailer? Let us know in the comments section below. We want to hear from you.

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