Bruce Campbell on overacting and his hysterical take on Ryan Gosling

Bruce Campbell appeared at Sketchfest in San Francisco this past weekend. Lucky fans got to watch Evil Dead II with the actor and participate in a lively Q & A session afterwards. We have some details on that evening.

Bruce Campbell held court at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco this past weekend as part of Sketchfest. Lucky fans were able to watch Evil Dead II with the actor and ask him questions after the showing. Of course, this session was definitely not boring.

The actor was on fire regaling the crowd with behind the scenes anecdotes and witty banter. The evening got very interesting when an audience member told him that it was his first time seeing the 1987 Sam Raimi directed horror flick.

When Bruce asked him what he thought of it, the man replied that he felt it was “overacted.” Campbell responded with his trademark snarky sense of humor by telling him that “he comes from an era when actors used to do something.”

But his retort didn’t end there. Bruce continued:

“Ok, Mr. Judge of Acting. Do you watch horror movies? What is your favorite movie?”

The audience member responded with “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”

Campbell humorously pointed out that there was “no overacting” in that movie. The crowd was loving every minute of this exchange. Things got even crazier when Bruce asked who the man’s favorite actor was.

Before the guy could answer, Campbell fired back with,

“Do you like actors that don’t blink? Do you like Ryan Gosling?”

Then he did his impression of Gosling’s low-key style which was absolutely hysterical. Watch Bruce at work in this clip:

Fortunately, the actor will give his fans quite a few chances to meet him this year when he makes his rounds on the convention circuit. For information on where you can catch up with him go to

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