Capcom announces free DLC for anticipated Resident Evil 2

As we impatiently count down the hours until the release of Resident Evil 2, Capcom announces a free DLC coming to all players.

I am SO excited for Resident Evil 2. I’m not talking about a little excited. I mean I have been watching gamer after gamer play the Resident Evil 2 1-shot demo to see the little differences and hidden things in the demo that might prepare me for the game. I am counting the hours and I have my PS4 ready and set to download at the soonest possible moment and I am not the only one.

Among the excitement, Capcom added even more that we can be excited about with the announcement of a DLC mode that will be free for all players.

According to Polygon, the DLC will be a game mode called The Ghost Survivors and you will be able to play as three different people: Robert Kendo (a familiar name to Resident Evil 2 players as the Kendo Gun Shop is definitely a nostalgic image to players of the original), the Mayor’s daughter who “meets a tragic fate at the hands of the city’s police chief” and a member of the Umbrella Security Team. All of this was announced at the Capcom Resident Evil 2 launch in Japan. If you can understand Japanese,  they live streamed the entire panel, which is linked below. Expect The Ghost Survivors to arrive on Feb. 15.

Siliconera translated the event and says that there will be a new kind of enemy, randomized scenarios, and an in-game store. The Ghost Survivors won’t be the only free content available to all players of Resident Evil 2 either. Coming on Mar. 22 will be a ’98 Leon and ’98 Claire. which features the same high quality environmental graphics with that classic ’98 character model.

That means not only do we get a new remade Resident Evil 2, Hunk and Tofu but we also get free game modes and funny character customization abilities. That is awesome. Shadow of the Tomb Raider did something similar allowing “costume changes” meaning you could have the various incarnations of Lara Croft available to you.

Resident Evil 2 releases this Friday on PS4, XB1, and Steam. Be sure to check out our first impressions of the demo and we check back with us for a review of the game!

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