Halloween: NECA slaying the Shape with Laurie Strode figure

After Blumhouse’s Halloween brought Laurie Strode back from the dead, NECA is honoring the horror heroine with a stunning new figure.

After defeating the Boogeyman, Laurie Strode is returning to a shelf near you….

With Halloween back on top, NECA is keeping last October alive with a new action figure surprise. Coming on the heels of fan chatter for years, Laurie Strode is finally getting her own figure. Featuring 25 points of articulation, the figure arrives with tons accessories including two heads, multiple guns and a knife fitting into her hip holster. They don’t call these figures “Ultimate” for nothing…

Head back to Haddonfield while check out the figure below:

Is it October yet? This has me beyond ready to return to Smith’s Grove…

For years, hardcore Halloween fans have been clamoring for a decent Laurie Strode figure. After offering a Dr. Loomis during the ’00s, the world’s best toy company is adding the heroine to figure collections everywhere. There’s currently no firm release date but NECA is giving us the second-quarter window. So expect to have this before the half-year mark.

Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak and Judy GreerDavid Gordon Green directs a screenplay from Green, Danny McBride and Jeff FradleyBlumhouse Productions produces, with Universal Pictures distributing. Michael Myers is in Haddonfield having fun again, now on digital and home video.

Fan of Jamie Lee Curtis? Looking forward to owning Laurie Strode in figure form? Let the other Smith’s Grove Inmates know what you think in the comment section below.