Project Blue Book: Green Fireballs, truth seeking and shattering secrets

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Project Blue Book delves into the mysterious green fireballs over White Forest Missile Range. While the shattering of secrets begins as Dr. J. Allen Hynek gets pulled toward the ultimate truth.

Project Blue Book has made a stellar impression in its first season. So much so that the show has been renewed by the History Channel. On the heels of that news, this week’s episode, Green Fireballs is drawing us closer to the conspiracy surrounding reports of alien encounters.

Obviously, the White Forest Missile Range is a stand-in for White Sands. While this show is set in the late 40’s and early 50’s (for now) this story, particularly the opening sequence sounds like it is based on an incident that occurred in 1967 at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana.

This is one of our sites that houses our nuclear weapons. While Project Blue Book has the UFOs initiating launch sequences, the Malmstrom event had an alien craft disabling the missiles all at once. The starting off point for Green Fireballs is somewhat chaotic and terrifying.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead…

Sound the Alarm

Which is exactly how you would imagine it would be. When officers are unloading equipment at the testing site (which is a faux housing development inhabited by mannequins) an alarm sounds. Puzzled because nothing is supposed to occur until later, they run to their vehicles.

Officers Rourke (Rohan Campbell) and McCasky (Max Lloyd-Jones) jump in their truck and immediately get on their field phone to find out what is happening back at the base. What they hear sends chills through their bodies. The launch sequence for the missiles was self-initiated. It isn’t a drill.

Project Blue Book – Sound the Alarm – Courtesy of Eduardo Araquel and the History Channel

Figuring that they are both about to die, the two soldiers await their fates when almost as suddenly as the event began, it ends because the launch sequence has been reset. But that isn’t all they are going to have to contend with. Before they can even take a breath, they are bombarded with flying green orbs which they dub, “green fireballs.”

The objects fly in formation and then scatter across the sky, this is like nothing either men have ever seen before. Of course, this attracts the attention of J. Allen Hynek and Captain Michael Quinn.

Hynek is a hot mess. He hasn’t slept for weeks and is teetering on the brink of a nervous breakdown. This is the aftermath of him witnessing Fuller’s self-immolation. The professor is having hallucinations of seeing the dead pilot who appears to be telling him something.

Trying to escape his thoughts, he begins preparing his (newly cleared by the Air Force project), 3D observational matrix camera in the middle of the night. Mimi awakens and confronts him in his office. The two have a dust-up about his erratic behavior. They leave on somewhat shaky ground because Allen has to go investigate the sighting at White Forest.

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