The Oddity Files explore the fringe and celebrity tales of the weird

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The Oddity Files – Kitsie Duncan and Clayton Abbott – Courtesy of Kitsie Duncan

The Oddity Files is a fun romp of a paranormal podcast and Amazon Prime show starring Kitsie Duncan and Clayton Abbott. From discussions on cryptids to hauntings to UFO sightings, what makes this production stand out from the crowd is their exceptional chemistry and celebrity guests!

The Oddity Files is a podcast and Amazon Prime show dedicated to all things paranormal and fringe. There are quite a few productions like it but none have the added surprise of celebrity guests like One Tree Hill’s Hilarie Burton and iconic actor Bruce Campbell.

But that is not the only thing that sets this show apart. The chemistry between the two hosts is a large part of its success.

Kitsie Duncan and Clayton Abbott are like those cool friends that light up any gathering. Their conversational style makes you feel as if you are going on these adventures with them and that is the appeal of The Oddity Files.

At 1428 Elm, we were fortunate enough to sit down with the pair to chat about their backgrounds and how they became involved in otherworldly pursuits. So, sit back and enjoy as we step into another dimension with Kitsie and Clayton.

The Interview

Kitsie and Clayton’s Journey to the Other Side Begins

The Oddity Files – Journey to the Other Side – Courtesy of Kitsie Duncan

1428 Elm: Kitsie, according to your IMDb profile, you were always theatrical. I also see that you have appeared in several short films. Tell us a little bit about your background.  

Kitsie Duncan: You say theatrical, my family and that one guy who left that one review says overly dramatic.  But yeah, I was always in choir and drama in school.  And then I got into the indie film world, and realized how bad I was at acting. That’s when I decided reality TV, hunting ghosts was my calling LOL.  Check out Oddity Files on Amazon Prime to find out for yourself.

1428 Elm: Clayton, like Kitsie, you also have a theatrical background. Did you always have an interest in the paranormal?

Clayton Abbott: I most definitely have always had an interest in the paranormal, and really all things horror. I think it was the number of experiences I had as a child that really sparked my interest though.

1428 Elm: What about you, Kitsie?

KD: I actually have not always been interested in the paranormal.  The thought of ghosts mostly scared the hell out of me.  I don’t have the one cliché story that “I saw a ghost as a child and have been interested ever since.”

I was actually terrified of everything as a kid.  My mom wouldn’t let me watch scary movies, because I would have nightmares for months afterward.  Even after the paranormal started making its way to main stream TV, it was a big NOPE for me.

But then my dad passed away, and I wanted to know more. I wanted to know he was OK. That’s when the afterlife became less scary to me.

I needed answers, I needed to know what he was up to now. That is how I became interested in the stories that spirits are trying to tell. I wanted to help them tell these stories. I had some cameras from the indie film days, and I kinda sorta knew how to edit film, so then Oddity Files was born.

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