Netflix: Bruce Campbell responds to Steven Spielberg Oscar hate

After letting people know Netflix isn’t the place for Academy Awards, Steven Spielberg is getting the wrath of the Evil Dead hero himself, Bruce Campbell.

Steven Spielberg may not be a big fan of Netflix…but he doesn’t have a chainsaw for a hand.

After bashing the streaming giant over its desire to conquer the Academy Awards, Steven Spielberg is getting cut down to size by Ash Williams. Yesterday on Twitter, Bruce Campbell weighed in on the Netflix/Oscar debate some in Hollywood are insistent on having. If you’re wondering if it gets ugly, you may be surprised. Then again, Campbell is nothing if not classy.

Rev some chainsaws while checking out the tweet below:

Leave to our horror ambassador to set the record straight. Studios, Netflix is coming for blood…

As massive fan of the Jaws director and his unmatched filmography, I’m left wondering why Spielberg feels this way. As a true student of film, you’d think he’d want to see great content coming regardless of channels and avenues. With his first film being a TV movie (Duel), it’s really shameful that the icon is spitting vitriol on the current start of entertainment and its inevitable future.

Beginning content creation in 2013 with House of Cards, Netflix is now one of the premier providers of entertainment — both at home and in theaters. While in its infancy, the streaming giant is now fully into the film business. With Alfonso Cuarón’s Oscar win for Roma and Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman on the way, it’s only a matter of time Netflix isn’t the exception but truly part of the rule.

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