Josh Becker interview: Thriving, surviving and doing it his way

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Josh Becker – Bruce Campbell – Running Time – Courtesy of Josh Becker Films website

The Lunatic Is on the Grass

1428 Elm:  Umbrella Entertainment recently released Lunatics: A Love Story. I feel this is one of your underrated gems. Very trippy. What was the inspiration for this movie? How did Bruce become involved as a producer?

JB:  The inspiration was my desperate need to make another movie and make some money.  I got the idea from listening to Pink Floyd, and when they sang, “The lunatic is on the grass,” I thought, “Hey, no one has yet used “lunatic” as a title.

I then dreamed up a story to go with it and pitched it to Sam and Rob. They liked it and optioned it.  After a year of development (meaning 14 rewrites), they hired Bruce to produce the film.

1428 Elm:  Running Time is another terrific film of yours. Everyone knows about the “single take” like Hitchcock’s Rope. Tell us something that isn’t common knowledge about the film.

JB:  It’s nearly ready to come out on Blu-Ray from Synapse Films. I wrote an essay about it that’s in my book “Rushes” that explains everything.  It was shot on film so there’s a hidden cut every five minutes.  I think it turned out pretty well and I know Bruce likes it a lot.

1428 Elm: For those of us that like the 50’s style B-movie sci-fi thrillers, Alien Apocalypse is a great deal of fun. Do you remember your pitch to the SyFy Channel?

JB:  I didn’t pitch it to SyFy.  Bruce and I were working with a now long-defunct company who pitched SyFy on making any movies with Bruce, and they said “send us some scripts.”  I dug out “Alien Apocalypse” (which was 14 years old) and Bruce dug out “The Man with the Screaming Brain” (which was 16 years old) then at some point not too long later we were in Bulgaria making both films.  I never talked to SyFy at all about it.

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