Jeffrey Dean Morgan teams up with Sam Raimi again for new horror film

Jeffrey Dean Morgan will temporarily hang up his bat to step into a new role that bears more in common with John Winchester than Negan.

Whether you know him as Negan, John Winchester, or maybe even Denny Duquette, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been around long enough to earn himself his fair share of fans. At present, he is starring in the long-running zombie horror show, The Walking Dead.

Morgan plays the fan-favorite role of Negan, known for swinging his beloved-yet-deadly bat, Lucille. Fans of the show and comics know that Negan is a complicated character with an arc that takes him from foe to friend.

But for at least a little while, Morgan will set aside his dearest Lucille for upcoming Screen Gem’s film based on the horror novel by James Herbert titled Shrine.

Deadline reports that Morgan has landed the lead role in the movie. Shrine will follow a disgraced journalist studying mysterious “miracles” in a small town up north. But upon further research, he realizes that these events may be originating from an evil source.

The film is set to be produced by Ghost House partners, Sam Raimi, and Rob Tapert. Production on the movie will begin in February of next year.

Shrine marks the second time Jeffrey Dean Morgan has worked with Ghost House. They also collaborated on the 2012 supernatural thriller, The Possession. Hopefully, Shrine will be a better film. The Possession did well in terms of box office but not with critics.

While this new role doesn’t fit with Negan’s personality, it almost sounds like something John Winchester himself would investigate. I remember an episode of Supernatural that had a similar premise. Season 2 episode, “House of the Holy” found the Winchesters following a case of supposed “angels” making people do things, only to discover it was the act of a vengeful spirit.

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What do you think about Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s latest role? Do you plan on watching Shrine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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