The Addams Family sequel officially in the works

The Addams Family are extending their stay with a sequel, which is officially in development just days after their successful return to the big screen.

Many horror fans (myself included) count The Addams Family among their first encounters with the genre. And what’s not to love about them? They’re weird, spooky but friendly, and truly don’t care what the world has to say about them: they are the way they want to be, do what they want, and they are very happy that way.

The Addams Family originated as a comic strip in 1938, and since then have gone through many adaptations for both television and cinema, some better than others, but it wasn’t until this year that we got to see them in computer-animated form while staying true to their original design. The film was released on October 11, and the Addams proved that they’re still quite profitable, as they already got what they needed for a sequel to get going.

According to Deadline, MGM/UAR are already working on a sequel to The Addams Family after the movie’s successful opening weekend. The box office numbers show that Gomez, Morticia, and the rest of the clan beat Ang Lee’s Gemini Man, which isn’t doing as well as expected – The Addams Family, on the other hand, are probably doing better than most anticipated.

The movie follows this spooky family as they move to New Jersey and are forced to adapt to the modern world – yes, the Addams will have to deal with cellphones, social media, and more. In the process, they come across Margaux Needler, a greedy reality TV show host that isn’t as fond of the Addams as we are. In addition to that, they are also preparing for the arrival of their extended family, so you know, things will get complicated, but in good old Addams fashion.

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Details on The Addams Family sequel are unknown, but hopefully the voice cast will be up for one more adventure. The Addams Family 2 is currently scheduled for an October 22, 2021 release.

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