Bruce Campbell: Which Evil Dead movie has ties to Adam West’s Batman?

One of the Evil Dead movies has ties to another fan favorite cult series of the 1960’s. This time we look at Sam Raimi’s trilogy and the connection to Adam West’s Batman.

Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness are known for their iconic locations. Out of all of the films, which one has ties to the groovy 1960’s Caped Crusader series, Batman? Let’s take a look!

The very first installment in the trilogy was filmed in the woods of Morristown,Tennessee as everyone knows. Bruce Campbell is fond of warning people not to trespass on the land because it’s a good way to get shot.

After all, the Evil Dead site is in the middle of nowhere on private property in the Appalachians. Furthermore, all that remains of Ash’s “evil mistress in the woods” is the foundation.

Evil Dead 2 was shot in Wadesboro, North Carolina. From May 1986 to September 1986, Sam Raimi and company took over the town shooting scenes featuring the actual cabin exterior in the woods (the exact location has never been pinpointed). However, the cabin interior, cellar and workshed sets were built in the gymnasium of J.R. Faison Junior High School.

So, it is obvious that Army of Darkness is the winner! This cult favorite shares a specific locale with Adam West’s show. According to Moviefone, Griffith Park’s Bronson Cave functioned as the entrance to the Batcave.

In Army of Darkness, the Bronson Cave appears in Sam Raimi’s alternate ending. Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams hides out with the Delta in the cavern so that he can awaken in his own time period. Except, true to form, Williams forgets how many drops of the magical elixir he needs to take and ends up “oversleeping,” only to rise and shine in a post-apocalyptic London.

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