Anthony Hopkins pulled a “Hannibal Lecter” on a movie audience

Anthony Hopkins recently admitted to accidentally scaring an audience during a showing of The Silence of the Lambs. What would you do if you saw Hannibal Lecter in person?

Anthony Hopkins is a critically acclaimed actor who has the ability to effortlessly float from genre to genre. Although he has a career that has spanned decades, most fans remember him as Hannibal Lecter, the sophisticated cannibal psychiatrist in The Silence of the Lambs. The Jonathan Demme directed picture garnered Hopkins an Academy Award for his performance.

Although he portrays intense and sometimes angry characters onscreen, offscreen, Sir Anthony is known to have a devilish sense of humor. This trait came to the forefront when he and his then co-star, Rene Russo visited a local Atlanta movie theater.

In a recent article in Peoplethe actor recounted a rather memorable fan experience. He was filming the sci-fi thriller, Freejack in Atlanta, Georgia with Rene Russo and Emilio Estevez in the 1990’s. Russo hadn’t seen Silence of the Lambs yet so she asked if Hopkins would accompany her to the cinema because she was afraid to see the film.

The actor accepted her invitation and the pair went to a local theater. This isn’t an unheard of practice. Quite a few celebrities have attended screenings incognito with the general public.

In this instance, Sir Anthony donned a baseball cap and sunglasses so that he wouldn’t be recognized. Halfway through the showing, a thunderstorm killed the power. So, while people were taking advantage of the impromptu intermission by heading out of the theater, Rene Russo overheard some fans talking and blaming Hannibal Lecter for the sudden power outage.

Now, it just so happens, Hopkins took his specs off and looked directly at the person who invoked his character’s name. Needless to say, that particular patron was unnerved for the rest of the night. Although the actor claims he didn’t do it on purpose, he remembers the incident with a certain fondness.

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We’re wondering how that audience member felt staring into the eyes of a “serial killer?” You can watch the classic horror film, The Silence of the Lambs on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, VUDU and Netflix.

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