Monday the 16th: Ever wonder what Jason Voorhees does after the 13th?

Monday the 16th is an amusing short film from Michael Kallio that takes a look at Jason Voorhees’ life after Friday the 13th. What does the hockey mask wearing slasher do to fill his time?

Monday the 16th is a hilarious spoof on Sean S. Cunningham’s Friday the 13th series of films from the mind of Michael Kallio. It answers the question, what exactly does Jason Voorhees (Darren Mangler) do after his “camping” vacation weekend is over?

If you are a fan of Mike Judge’s Office Space, then you are going to love this horror parody short film. When Jason isn’t chasing teenagers in the woods with a machete, he works for “the fifth most productive hockey equipment manufacturing company on the eastern seaboard.”

It is obvious that Voorhees hates his job. His co-workers think he’s creepy, well, Jenny (Jackie Quinones) seems kind of interested in him. Then there is the annoying receptionist (Kinna McInroe) who is always on him about being late (savvy viewers will recognize her as Nina “Someone has a case of the Mondays,” from Office Space).

His boss, Mr. Cunningham (Brian Lally) is nagging him about his lackluster performance. Let’s face it, can we blame him for daydreaming about Camp Crystal Lake?

Monday the 16th

Photo: Monday the 16th.. Image Courtesy Michael Kallio

Director Michael Kallio is no stranger to horror films having worked on My Name Is Bruce with Bruce Campbell as well as the late, great Gunnar Hansen in his feature debut, Hatred of a Minute. Monday the 16th is the third installment in his collection of spooky satires.

Prior to his Voorhees short, Kallio wrote and helmed The Texas Chainsaw Manicure and Ash vs Evil Dead: Aunt Linda’s Bake Off. Maybe in the future we can expect a send-up of A Nightmare on Elm Street with Freddy Krueger from the talented writer’s unique point of view.

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Stay tuned for Michael Kallio’s documentary about his relationship with Gunnar Hansen, Dinner with Leatherface which is currently being filmed.