Halloween: Original Michael Myers Returns in Fan Film


Actor Tony Moran, who appeared as the unmasked Michael Myers in John Carpenter’s original Halloween film, will reprise the iconic role in a new fan film.

The night HE came home…

Of course, the “HE” in this case refers to Tony Moran, the man who played Michael Myers, and “home” would be representing the Halloween franchise as a whole. There, I worked the movie’s slogan into the narrative of this article.

Anyway, like I was saying, Bloody-Disgusting has confirmed Moran will appear in Halloween: The Night Evil Died, an unofficial fan film which will serve as a direct sequel to Halloween: Resurrection, the last film in the original timeline before the franchise was rebooted by Rob Zombie.

Before you say, “Ugh, a fan film…”, keep in mind that this one comes with more credibility than these things typically would. Not only will the original unmasked Michael Myers actor be reprising the role for the first time since 1978, but the movie will include other experienced actors such as Juli Erickson (Salem) and Sarah Cortez (The Conjuring 2). The movie is also being filmed in the Pasadena, California area… where the first film was also shot. Might they even be getting the same Myers house?!

The project is holding a crowdfunding campaign for its budget on Indiegogo, and the creators have released a video in which they talk about the concept and creation of the film. It also includes one of the opening scenes of the movie to give you an idea of what it’ll be like. Watch it here:


"Halloween: The Night Evil Died opens on the same night of Halloween Resurrection. Michael wakes up in the morgue and kills the Coroner, before disappearing for fifteen years. The film jumps from 2002 to present day where we meet Emma Tate (John Tate’s Daughter) who recently moved in with her best-friend (Carlie Hill) following the death of her Father after a battle with Cancer.Being sheltered her whole life and being lied to for her own protection, Emma turns to an online ancestry site to see if she has any living relatives and to find out about her past. Emma discovers that she has a Great-Grandmother (Pamela Strode) who is still alive in Haddonfield, Illinois. From there she takes a road trip with some friends to meet her Grandmother and to find out truths about her past. Unfortunately she finds out that she is related to Michael Myers (Great Uncle) and that she has been in danger since birth and at high risk of a family reunion ever since.Has Emma come to Haddonfield to die? Will this be the end of the Myers’ family bloodline?"

While Tony Moran played Michael Myers when his face was revealed in the scene where his mask was removed by Laurie Strode, it was another actor, Nick Castle, who donned the mask for the other scenes in the film. Bringing back Moran makes me wonder if this film will have another scene of Myers being unmasked, which would be the first time since that moment in 1978 when the killer’s face was shown. How cool would that be for it to be the same actor?

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I’ve donated to this project, and I think you should as well. For only $10, you can buy yourself a chance to actually appear in the movie and be killed off by Myers himself! But there are cheaper options with good perks as well. Check it out on Indiegogo.