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Meet The Team

Brian Fanelli

Brian fell in love with horror movies after watching Universal Monster films with his dad. He enjoys writing and teaching about the genre whenever he can.


Carla Davis

I am a self-professed horror nerd whose love for horror movies and books dates back to early childhood, when my father managed a movie theater (thereby enabling me to see movies I was WAY too young for). I enjoy horror movies both old and new, and I am always on the lookout for great stuff I haven't yet seen. Follow me on twitter @carlaface22


Crystal George

Crystal George is a Staff Writer for Netflix Life and 1428 Elm who enjoys writing about anything and everything related to Netflix and horror. If it hasn't already been covered, she's covering it. When she's not covering Netflix titles or horror movies and shows, she's having intense discussions about Glee and Killing Eve.

Hector Franco

Hector Franco is a writer and amateur photographer that covers boxing for FanSided. His work has been published through several platforms, including promotional companies and online. He is an alumnus of the University of South Florida and an auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA). For inquiries, contact Hector Franco at hfranco@frontproofmedia.com.


Jacob Harper

Horror film critic. Horror filmmaker. Contributor for 1428 Elm, writer/director of Hunting Terror and Initiation Night. Host of Talking Terror, a horror podcast available on Spotify. What's your favorite scary movie?


Kazdyn Pierce

In love with horror since 2000, Slasher aficionado, ask me about my movie spreadsheet


Mads Lennon

Former associate editor of Netflix Life, Mads Lennon has recently moved back to 1428 Elm as the lead editor. She has been a member of the FanSided network since 2019 and contributed to multiple sites across the entertainment division, including Hidden Remote, 1428 Elm, and Show Snob. She loves all things horror and enjoys reading and playing video games in her free time. [Got a pitch? Reach out to Maddy at madison.lennon@fansided.com]


Natalie Zamora

Natalie Zamora is the VP of Entertainment Content at FanSided. As part of the Minute Media team, her work can be found on Netflix Life, Hidden Remote, Winter is Coming, Mental Floss, and more. She's an expert on horror and celebrity gossip, and loves a good true crime documentary. She is the former co-host of podcasts One Good Scare and Can I Steal You for a Second?.


Riley Kvalheim

Film buff and horror fanatic. UCF grad with a film BA. Grew up in Orlando, living in Boston. Favorite franchise: Saw. Favorite book: Pet Sematary. Favorite horror movie: how could I ever pick?

Wade Wainio

Wade Wainio is a struggling artist/musician/college graduate/UFO cult leader operating in a humble, vast wasteland called The Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He likes pizza, certain movies and TV shows, and plans to expand his writing career and abilities. His nonsense musical moniker is Grandpa Helicopter. He also DJs occasionally at WMTU 91.9 FM Houghton.


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