Interview: Ray Santiago ready for the next chapter in life – whatever that is

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You’re the Jefe Now

Ray Santiago – You’re the Jefe Now – Courtesy of STARZ

RS (Cont.): You sort of had to find that small window. For me it was hard because I knew I had like two seconds to find it. Originally, Bruce didn’t say anything to me in the last moment.

I said, “I think it’s bizarre that you say something to Kelly, and that you say something to your daughter but you don’t say anything to me.” He said, “Well, what do you think I should say?” I answered, “I don’t know. You’re the Jefe now?”

Bruce liked it and kept it. There was a lot of that between him and I where we would play and things would happen. I was glad that he threw that in because it makes sense when he gives us the final farewell.

It was emotional for all of us. I am glad that the moment worked and that the fans felt it.

Reflections of a Brujo

Ray Santiago – Reflections of a Brujo – Courtesy of STARZ

1428 Elm: Do you have any memories about life on the AVED set that you could share with the fans?

RS: I have a beautiful family at home that raised me but my tv family, my tv Dad and my tv Aunt (Lucy Lawless) and my tv hot stepsister, it was a beautiful thing. We were really a family unit.

Some of the memories I think about are Bruce chartering a boat and taking us out on Easter for Seasons 1 and 2. He also took us out to fancy dinners. We always wanted to hang out on our days off.

It’s not a thing that really happens when you’re around people all the time. There was that and there were wonderful dinners at Rob Tapert’s house where they had sommeliers and chefs that made beautiful meals.

Other great memories for me were becoming friends with the crew. By taking me and showing me their country, that meant a lot but they were also my moral support.

I became really good friends with my hair and makeup team and my wardrobe dresser. Being able to collaborate with everyone was terrific. The costume designer was very hands on with us. It was really nice having that experience.

Welcome to the Evil Dead

Ray Santiago – Welcome to the Evil Dead – Courtesy of STARZ

RS (Cont.): I will never forget the look I shared with Bruce whenever we showed up and they would tell us what we were doing and they would explain it. We would just look at each other in whatever dark basement we were in and in the midst of shooting and things being set up, we would just find each other’s eyes and start laughing.

It happened once and I thought am I the only one seeing the absurdity of the situation? Then as episodes went on and on, it became this thing that we did. “Yep. This is the Evil Dead. This is our life.”

I remember we hated the blood or we complained about the blood and I’m on this other horror shoot now and I’m thinking there is not enough blood! I am wondering where the rig is and what are we doing? We need more blood!

I am so used to the craziness of Ash vs Evil Dead. The other thing we experienced was we got to travel around the world with Bruce and meet our fans. He is such a showman.

Bruce is number one on that call sheet and he showed me how to be a leader. He has more energy than Dana and I and we’re much younger than he is!

We had a blast making the show and I had a blast watching it. Whenever it would premiere I would be like a little kid.

Now for Something Completely Different, Yet Somehow the Same

Ray Santiago – Now for Something Completely Different, Yet the Same – Courtesy of Hulu

1428 Elm: You will be appearing in the very first episode of Blumhouse’s new horror anthology series, Into the Dark on Hulu this October. I know that each segment is going to be the length of a movie.  What can you tell us about The Body? Can you tease anything?

RS: I play a young Hollywood wannabe visual effects maker who is also creating a virtual reality experience. He’s a trust fund kid. There is a party on Halloween and a bunch of crazy things happen to him and his friends.

There is a body, it’s Halloween and it’s happening to me and my friends. This has been really fun because the action takes place all in the course of one night. We’re shooting in Los Angeles so I can just pop over to the set really quickly from my place.

We have this great, young horror director named Paul Davis who really knows his shit. He’s thrown a bunch of Easter eggs in the film and we have a great cast, it’s really fast paced.

It has an 80s really culty, Prom Night type of feel to it. It’s really beautiful the way we’re shooting it so I’m excited for it to be coming out. I’m excited to be working with Hulu and Blumhouse.

They’ve been really supportive in allowing us to do what we want to do. My character is sort of high strung, kind of an asshole. He reminds me of Matthew Lillard in Scream.

He’s a little bit different but you’re going to see my eyes bulging out of my head, just like Pablo. In the sense that I am trying to escape being tortured.