Slashstreet Boys will make your slasher loving heart smile


Slashstreet Boys is a hilarious parody music video featuring everyone’s favorite iconic horror movie killers.

Slashstreet Boys is one of those holiday videos that will make you laugh out loud. Featuring the silver screen’s most iconic horror movie killers, you can’t help but enjoy it. Freddy, Jason, Ghostface, Michael Myers, and Leatherface all get together in this hilarious parody production.

Freddy is played by FreddyKruegerfiles  while Jason is portrayed by Paul Schultz. Ghostface is Seth Pac with Aaron Barcus as Michael Myers also featuring Jake Barcus as Leatherface

Jason’s vocals are sung by Nate Vaill, with Michael Myers being voiced by Durrell Le Grair. Paul Schultz takes the lead with Ghostface and Leatherface vocals are done by Tyler Prager.

The video is made by RCLAY1987 of The Merkins along with Taco Truck.

Check out the video below:

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What makes this effort hysterically funny is when you look at the Backstreet Boys video, our Slasher sweethearts have their moves down pat. Even the outfits are pretty spot on. Check out how Michael Myers deals with an overly enthusiastic fan by pushing her out of the way.

The Slashstreet Boys are giving the Backstreet Boys a run for their money with other videos incorporating Freddy Krueger and the gang with music superstars like Drake and Future. There are an entire catalogue of songs out there that are ripe for this treatment. Personally, can we see them take on Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On?

Everything about this production is creative and inventive. It’s a nice reminder that Halloween truly brings out the best in us. If you want to see more videos by The Merkins, head on over to their YouTube page.

What’s your favorite part of the video? Or did you not like the video at all? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.