Jessica Cameron Pulls Out Of Twisted Terror Convention

While on Facebook, I noticed a post from a filmmaker friend that was a news story about relatively unknown director/actress/reality TV star Jessica Cameron pulling out of a horror convention (the full story can be found here). When reading her reasoning it made me sad, because I watched the trailer for her movie, which I won’t be posting here, and thought it showed a lot of promise. Her reason for pulling out was basically because one of the guests signed to the con works in “craft service”, which is another term for catering, and other guests are simply “extras”. As a fan I instantly lost all respect for Jessica Cameron, having not had much to begin with. Not only does anyone involved in film in any way deserve recognition, but she has the gall to tell people to not waste their hard-earned money on this convention where there are some stellar guests lined up including Chandler Riggs of the immensely popular “The Walking Dead” on AMC. Also attending is the star of her film “Truth Or Dare”, Ryan Kiser, who is the lead in the film. Basically, she’s saying she doesn’t want the chance to promote her own or others’ work, simply because someone who works behind the scenes is a guest, even though the star of her own feature film is also a guest. I’m sorry, but that seems egotistical and snobby to me. Who is she to do something like this? Let’s face it, the woman is no Jamie Lee Curtis (despite her Twitter page citing her as a scream queen), and she sure isn’t John Carpenter or Wes Craven, people who actually have some credibility in the business. She’s more or less a nobody who somehow got a small following leading to her gaining big head. I wonder if there’s more to the story that wasn’t  told yet.

While we’re on the subject, her movie, “Truth Or Dare”, isn’t even her own idea. This is why I emphasized the word in the paragraph above. Feast your eyes on this boils and ghouls, Deadly Dares: Truth or Dare 4. This is the movie I will be watching and not giving hers a second glance. Both films are about truth or dare viral videos that involve a killer getting involved with the group. Cameron was IN this movie, and it has more-than-slight similarities to “her” film. I’m not the smartest person in the world, but that sounds like vague plagiarism to me. Well, Ms. Cameron I hope you enjoy obscurity because after this mess I don’t think many people will want to work for you, and I know for sure us real horror fans won’t give one drop of red food coloring mixed with corn syrup about you. Not to mention, you know, convention hosts who book “extras” (that people actually show up to see). I guess you can always stick to reality shows, because you know, there’s such a vast horror audiences that watch reality shows about wedding dresses. For those in the Sacramento area and want to attend the convention that Ms. Cameron so “gracefully” pulled out of, find the information here. Until then, stay away from anything this so-called “actress” and “director” is involved in. I dare you.

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