5 Horror Movies With Real Curses

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Tragic coincidence or curse? Call it what you will; the fact that all of these films turned into real life horror fests is worthy of an eyebrow raise.

So read on if you daaaaaare! Or if you’d just like to find out what kind of sunglasses God wears, because that’s totally in here too.

5. Twilight Zone: The Movie


The original Twilight Zone was one of the greatest shows ever created. Rod Serling eloquently smoked his way into our black and white nightmares, and America ate it up. In 1982, it was announced that filming would begin on a Twilight Zone movie. Fans were elated (and enraged), and a classic was to be reintroduced to a new generation.

However, things didn’t quite go as planned…

John Landis was charged with filming a segment of the film titled ‘Time Out’. In the usual vein of Twilight Zone lore, it was to be about a man learning a lesson about racism and prejudice by being forced to live the lives of those he showed hatred toward. He was to be a Jew in occupied France during WWII, an African-American in the rural south being lynched by the Ku Klux Klan, and finally a Vietnamese man during the Vietnam war.

vicmorrowActor Vic Morrow was cast to play the main character, with Myca Din-Le and Renee Shin-Yi playing two Vietnamese children that he is attempting to save from the warfare. At 2:20am on July 23, 1982, the scene began filming in the dark in Ventura County, CA.

Morrow was to carry the children across a river while a helicopter flew toward them, with explosions going off all around them. Landis told the helicopter pilot to fly lower and lower until the helicopter hovered just about 20 feet above the water. Two giant controlled explosions went off and somehow the pilot lost control. Chaos ensued, the crew began to flee, Morrow lost his grip on Renee who was in turn crushed by the helicopter. Then, the blades of the helicopter decapitated Morrow and young Myca.

After Landis realized what had happened, an announcement was made:

“Leave your equipment where it is. Everyone go home. Please, everyone go home!”

The cameras had been rolling the entire time. The film has since been destroyed. The only remaining is the above picture of the crime scene.

What makes this tragedy even eerier is that, early on in his career, Morrow was in a movie called ‘Dirty Mary Crazy Larry’. In the film, his character is asked to fly a helicopter. His reply:

“I’m not getting up in the helicopter, I have a premonition that I’m going to get killed in a helicopter crash.”

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  • Bonded by Blood

    Interesting article, I have read a lot about the so called “curses” of these particular movies. The question is, if you look at other non-horror movies, do they have strange things that happen on and off set during production as well? Of course. It’s life, things (good and bad) are bound to occur during the period of time it takes to film and release a movie (and of course afterward). Are those movies cursed as well? Probably not. It does make for a fun story to attribute all these accidents and coincidences to these horror movies though, it definitely adds to the notoriety and reputation of all ready classic and truly scarey movies.

    • Dave

      I get what you’re saying, but it’s only a coincidence up to a certain point. I mean, you want a real life curse? Take the one on the US presidency. The legend has it that a native American put a curse on America, in which any president elected in a year ending with a zero would die in office (seem eerie, right? That’s cause every president who died in office was elected in a year ending with a zero. I.E 1960, 1880, 1860). Though it seemed to have ended with Reagan when he survived his assassination.

  • Alysha Kerin

    The footage wasn’t destroyed of the accident on the Twilight Zone… it’s on youtube right now. Terrible thing to happen.

    • http://1428Elm.com/ Shelby Scott

      Hey Alysha, that’s actually a reenactment shot for all of the court proceedings. After the incident, the director and all associated with the film were brought to court for manslaughter. The incident was then filmed to show the jury exactly what had occurred.

      • Alysha Kerin

        Ah! That is a good thing… I didn’t want to watch it all because it would be horrible to have something that devastating all over youtube!

        • Salem

          Guest is LYING.

      • phantomcreeps

        Way fucking wrong.

      • Salem

        Um, sorry, you are WRONG. There was never ANY re-enactment shot, that is just stupid and makes no sense. The film on YT and Findadeath and others IS *THE* original scene. Please stop your lies and nonsense.

    • Kevin Simpson

      yeh i noticed it on youtube .. its sick let the poor man rip i say youtube should remove it

  • Darwin Bajo

    just like Final Destination happening in real life…

  • Runya EithelNar

    Please, spell check before publishing! It hurts my eyes! KRZYSZTOF Komeda, PolaNSKi not Polanksi [wtf?!]

    • Shelby Scott

      You’re absolutely right :) it’s hard to catch them all. Glad we’ve got fans like you to help us out!

  • sounder

    The greatest horror of them all…the Bush years.

    • Jim Wolfe

      Nope-that would be the Obozo years!

  • Beth W

    So the exorcist was banned “in England”, what about Scotland and Wales? Another muppet who thinks the UK is part of England. Guess you won’t be doing any geographic lists eh?

    • Shelby Scott

      I’m sorry, where did I say anything about Scotland and Wales not being a part of the UK? I said several countries including England. I figured that would convey that I, indeed, meant several other countries, including Scotland and Wales.

    • Alex

      Wow….. really Beth……

  • phantomcreeps

    The footage from Twilight Zone was not destroyed. It can be found all over the internet. What makes you even say that?

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    Excellent article

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    Great movie

  • Salem

    Um, the Twilight Zone accident scene is ALL OVER THE NET and can be seen on YouTube even. Some even slow it right….riiiighttt down to the second the heads are decapitated so the author of this story clearly didn’t do even the *slightest* research before writing that story.

  • Ray

    Spielberg didn’t direct Poltergeist. Tobe Hooper did. Spielberg produced it but the property master would be the one in charge of acquiring the corpses. And calling Polanski a “statutory” rapist is not accurate as it implies consent, albeit with someone underage. He drugged and raped his victim, no consent involved. Interesting article, though.