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Brother Justin Crowe (Carnivàle)

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Despite being short-lived (two seasons were nowhere near long enough for this show), Carnivàle gifted us with one of the best horror villains we’ve ever seen in Brother Justin Crowe, played by Clancy Brown. 

Brown is able to play both roles perfectly, as a pious, unassuming minister, caring and God-fearing, and also as a sinister devil, ominous and evil. His flock of Okies and migrants in the Dust Bowl of the early 30s’ have no idea how creepy Crowe is and follow him without question. That in itself only adds to the creepiness level of Crowe, which further intensifies as the series goes on and he becomes the Tattooed Man.

It’s a shame this series was so short, as it had the potential to grow, but with Crowe’s demise at the end of the series maybe it was for the best.

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