1428 Elm’s Best Horror Villains

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Max Cady (Cape Fear)

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You can’t get over a villain like Max Cady. It’s impossible, especially whenever you’re subject to such a deep and profound rage as his. He has no motive other than retribution and with a guy like Cady, who is the epitome of dangerous, that’s what makes him so formidable.

Another thing is the fact that he is so cunning. He’s self-educated, especially after all those years behind bars in an Atlanta penitentiary, and intelligence trumps brawn any time whenever it comes to a great villain.

You can’t help but love how brutally he torments Nick Nolte and his family in the film. He does it with such panache that you can’t decide whether to laugh or be scared. He’s a wild Southern man with a grudge. Can it get any scarier?

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