1428 Elm’s Best Horror Villains

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Annie Wilkes (Misery)

Annie Wilkes is the result of someone eating their Carnation Instant Psycho in the morning. She’s clearly got a screw loose (thank you Captain Obvious!) right from the start following her rescue of author Paul Sheldon. She’s okay, if not a little goofy at first, but once she finds out that Sheldon has killed off her favorite character, then all hell breaks loose.

Kathy Bates, who is an on-screen legend, portrays Wilkes perfectly. If there is any question about that please read the novel. You’ll see that Bates portrays Wilkes in a believable manner. That’s important in whether or not a villain will be glorified for years to come.

In the case of Wilkes, pig, sledgehammer, and riding lawnmower altogether, she’s without a doubt one of the greatest horror villains of the last 30 years.

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