Creepy Countdown: William’s Top Ten Favorite Horror movies

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The Creepy Countdown is a new feature here at 1428elm. For my first Creepy Countdown I decided to go with my top ten favorite horror movies. So without further adieu here we go:

10. Texas Chain saw Massacre (1974) Directed by Tobe Hooper.

For a movie with the words “Chain saw” and “Massacre” in the title, for today’s standards there really isn’t very much gore, which I believe makes this movie even more effective. Sally Hardesty,her Brother Franklin, and their friend Pam, Kirk, and Jerry while on a drive through Texas pick up a hitch hiker. What follows is a trip into hell with a crazed cannibalistic family. The out of work Sawyer clan (This name isn’t mentioned til the sequel.) The Hitch hiker (Again in the sequel we find out his name is Nubbins.) “The Cook” Drayton Sawyer and “Bubba” Leatherface, a hulking chainsaw menace. As I said not much gore, but it works so well on a psychological level. The dining room scene alone makes the entire movie worth the name classic. It is credited as a true story, but that is only slightly true. The idea came from serial killer Ed Gein, who didn’t live in Texas or kill that many people.