Creepy Countdown: William’s Top Ten Favorite Horror movies

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8. My Bloody Valentine (1981) Directed by George Mihalka

One of a plethora of Canadian slashers to come out of the 80s horror boom. I had a hard time finding this movie for my collection, but once I finally seen it, I instantly loved it.

Valentine’s bluff hasn’t celebrated Valentine’s day with an anual party in decades due to a mining accident that happened when someone was careless causing many deaths, but it had one survivor, Harry Warden. He then killed a few people who he blamed. He was caught and sent to a mental institution. Enter a group of horny teenagers who decide to break the ban and have a Valentine’s day party…in the very mine that is the reason they’re not supposed to be having a Valentine’s day party to begin with. Soon there is a series of murders. Is Harry Warden back, or is it someone else continuing his legacy?