Creepy Countdown: William’s Top Ten Favorite Horror movies

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6. Last House on the left (1972) directed by Wes Craven

Wes Craven’s first film was simply brutal. A seventeen year old girl, Mari goes to a concert with her friend Phyllis, her parents are apprehensive about both the band and the friend. They never make it to the concert, they are taken hostage by a group of escaped convicts. Mari tries to befriend one of the criminals giving them a peace symbol Who torture, rape and kill both girls. In a stroke of irony the killers change their bloody clothes and decide to hide out in Mari’s parents house,under the guise of traveling sales men. Unlucky for them, Mari’s mother recognizes the necklace.  The parents then proceed to torture and kill the convicts quid pro quo for what they did to their daughter. It’s gritty, it’s intense. It’s an emotional masterpiece.