Top 5 Creepy Videos Part 1

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These aren’t those videos your friends use to scare you. You know the ones. They tell you to look closely and turn up your speakers then you squeal and pee a little when the scary lady pops up at the end.

Eff those videos. Even after, it’s like ha ha ha, funny joke–but you know that scary bitch is going to bite off the foot that you so carelessly leave dangling over the edge of your bed tonight.

No, I’m going to show you some genuinely creepy videos. Some of them claim to be real–so do with what you will with that ‘information’. I just hope to make you lose an hour or so of sleep because that shadow in the corner of the room totally just moved…

1. ce:444565

There isn’t any information on this video. In fact, it’s the only thing from the OP, which makes it more unnerving while you watch it. Not to mention the title is just some sort of a file number. Watch it and let me know what you think: