7 Horror Flicks To Watch On Valentine’s Day

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Ah l’amour…

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner folks, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to watch something by Nicholas Sparks.

Oh no, my Creeps, have I got a list for you. These are just a few of my favorite romantic horror movies.

Some of them are gory, some of them aren’t–there’s something for everyone! I’ve even thrown in a few that would be great for loved ones who aren’t usually too keen on scary movies.

So here you have it, 7 Horror Flicks To Watch On Valentine’s Day…

1. Last Kind Words

I found Last Kind Words late one night on Netflix. I was drawn the the poster–and I’m glad I judged this ‘book’ by the cover. The plot revolves around 17-year-old Eli, and his mysterious new love, Amanda.

Eli meets Amanda after moving to an isolated farm with his mother and abusive father. He finds solace in his friendship with Amanda, but Amanda harbors a dark and tragic secret.

I chose Last Kind Words for this list because it is a simple and beautiful love story. Despite its Romeo and Juliet type nature, I actually felt kind of warm and fuzzy after it ended.

This is definitely the perfect horror movie to watch with a special someone who isn’t usually into scary movies. It isn’t full of jump scares or gore.

No, it’s simply a haunting and genuinely engaging film.