7 Horror Flicks To Watch On Valentine’s Day

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3. Interview With The Vampire and Queen of the Damned

I chose both Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned for the same spot simply because they are based on books by the same author, the great Anne Rice. Likewise, they are both very romantic movies.

Interview with the Vampire is about a journalist–well–interviewing a vampire. The vampire Louis–played by Brad Pitt–tells the story of his ‘life’ as a vampire though out the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. There’s quite a bit of graphic nudity and violence in this one.

Queen of the Damned is about the Vampire Lestat (who was also featured in Interview with the Vampire, but was played by Tom Cruise). This stars Stuart Townsend, and the late Aaliyah–who by the way, is absolutely drop dead gorgeous in this movie.

Queen of the Damned follows Lestat as he becomes a rock star and ‘comes of out of the coffin’ revealing to the world that vampires are real. This revelation awakens ancient vampire Akasha (Aaliyah) who seduces Lestat, hoping to take over man kind.