7 Horror Flicks To Watch On Valentine’s Day

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5. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a fantastic movie; I seriously can’t say enough about it.

Basically, it’s a comedy/horror about Tucker and Dale, two blue collar workers on their way to their ‘vacation home’ at a lake. They happen to meet a group of college kids who are also on their way to camp at the same lake. Even though Tucker and Dale have hearts of gold, their appearance freaks the kids out.

When one of the college kids (the beautiful Katrina Bowden) hits her head on a rock, Tucker and Dale save her from drowning and take her back to their cabin. Her friends immediately assume she’s been kidnapped by a serial killer who had once frequented the area. As they try to “save” her, they begin accidentally killing themselves!

It’s a total gorefest–so don’t pop this in for anyone who isn’t into seeing a lot of blood. It’s also hilarious, this is more of a fun night in type movie–I mean–you can light candles if you want–but it would be weird. You’re weird. Don’t be weird. She’ll hate that.